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Anyone licensed to practice law in a given jurisdiction can call themselves an “attorney,” but few can truly call themselves “counselors at law.” What’s the difference, and why do you deserve an advocate who is more than just an “attorney”?

Consider the difference between being “book smart” versus being “street smart.” Attorneys are “book smart”-- charged with knowledge of the law, knowing the rules, and knowing how various court cases interpret the rules. These qualities are important to the competent practice of law, but they leave much to be desired. For many clients, whether they know it or not, having an “attorney” just isn’t good enough.

A counselor at law is also an attorney– they’ve got the “book smarts.” But in addition, counselors have the “street smarts” to meaningfully guide their clients and employ effective strategy in a given case. Counselors work to understand their clients. Who are they? What are their needs and values? How did they end up in the not-so-coveted position of seriously needing to hire a lawyer?

In taking the time to understand their clients, counselors at law do more than just dispense legal advice. Counselors provide a sympathetic ear and much-needed reassurance. Counselors take their client’s case personally– working toward a common goal and being meaningfully invested in the case’s outcome. Clients of counselors at law should feel supported, not left out in the cold (or, more appropriately, the Texas summer heat.)

At Diablita Criminal Defense, we take client support seriously. Atty. García Falone loves her role as an attorney and advocate, but clients particularly value her as a trusted confidante, informal therapist, and, simply, counselor. Clients facing criminal charges are understandably stressed. In serving her clients, la Diablita aims to take on that stress, re-focus it, and relieve her clients of the emotional strain that criminal proceedings bring.

The devil is in the details, so don’t settle for less. You need more than just an “attorney”--

demand a counselor at law.

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